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Breast and Endocrine

Breast and Endocrine

Our unit involves management of diseases related to breast and all endocrine organs like thyroid, parathyroid, Adrenal and pituitary. All problems related to hormones are dealt by the specialist. With all the available modern equipments especially MR mammogram, hormonal evaluation, core needle biopsy, immunohistochemistry, diagnosis can be accurately established and patients are treated effectively. Minimal invasive surgeries are also undertaken.

Velammal Hospital - Breast and Endocrine Department

Breast cancer management:

After discussion with the medical oncologist, radiologist, radiotherapist in the tumour board meeting, cancer treatment based on international standard guidelines are done to the patient. Comprehensive care including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy are given based on disease stage are given.

Breast cancer screening:

Patients below 40years are screened by physical examination, counseling for breast cancer prevention methods, and if necessary with Ultrasound /MRI imaging.

Patients 40years and above are screened by physical examination, counseling for breast cancer prevention methods, and screening mammogram.

Breast cancer awareness:

Breast cancer which is a major burden for the women's health is always given paramount importance. Breast cancer awareness programmes with talks and screening examination are regularly conducted in colleges, institutions and many urban and rural areas to encourage patients to do self breast examination and seek early medical care in case of any breast cancer symptoms. Campaigns like breast cancer awareness walk are done.

Post cancer surgery rehabilitation and support group:

Patients are trained by videos and exercises to avoid and manage surgery related chest and arm issues. External and internal implants options are given. Dietary and physical fitness encouraged. Support groups with cancer patients and specialists are organized frequently and problems managed.

Breast cancer follow up:

Patients are followed up regularly after cancer treatment for recurrence of disease with examination, imaging if necessasary.

Breast cancer care unit is managed by experienced female super specialist with exclusive training in all breast diseases where discussing all women issues will be at ease. Breast pain, lump, nipple discharge, infection, cancer and cosmetic breast problems are effectively dealt with. Comprehensive approach for breast is undertaken with all cancer, cosmetic and plastic surgeries being done. We do:

  • Breast Augmentation with saline and silicon implant & Breast Reduction
  • Gynaecomastia Surgery
  • Minimally invasive cosmetic lump surgery
  • Nipple duct surgery for discharge
  • Breast cancer surgery - mastectomy
  • Breast preserving surgery for cancer
  • Scarless cancer surgery with oncoplasty
  • Breast reconstruction surgery for cancer
  • Sentinel lymph node surgery using dye for cancer to avoid lymphedema (arm swelling)

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